Driving electric in New York City

Hekmatullah Hamid

Self-Employed Driver


Hekmatullah Hamid, an evacuee from Afghanistan, arrived in the United States in August, 2021, and now lives in Queens with his brother and parents while waiting for his wife to join him. After quickly getting his English up to speed, he started driving for Uber in 2022. He soon perfected his knowledge of the city’s streets and prides himself on his customer service.

He earned a degree in computer science at Nangarhar University, one of the top two universities in Afghanistan. He then worked for six years in information technology at the Islamic Bank of Afghanistan in Kabul. Hekmatullah continues to hone his computer skills and hopes to obtain an IT job and open his own transportation service company in the U.S.

A loan from Accompany Capital helped Hekmatullah refinance a predatory high-interest loan he used to purchase the Tesla he uses for his business. This refinancing will help him save over $15,000 in interest over the life of the loan. He also received an Accompany Capital Supporting Sustainable Businesses Program grant, recognizing his investment in an energy efficient vehicle, and the Accompany Capital New Beginnings Award in 2024.