Continuing to grow his satisfied client base

Galo Goya

New Classic Dry Cleaning


Galo Goya immigrated to the United States in 2008 from Guayaquil, Ecuador where he had spent nine years in the laundry service industry. In 2014 he opened his own Brooklyn-based business – New Classic Dry Cleaning – which focuses on the resale of laundry supplies to commercial and industrial laundromats, as well as to individual customers.

In 2019, he received his first loan from Accompany Capital and, in 2020, received a second line-of-credit loan. In addition to providing an infusion of critical working capital to cover his operating expenses, Accompany Capital was able to help New Classic Dry Cleaning through the pandemic lockdown by providing him with the support and assistance he needed to remain in operation. As a result, at a time when many small businesses were closing, he was not only able to stay in business, but was able to retain 13 employees as well.

New Classic now has a portfolio of over 600 clients across the five boroughs as well as an e-commerce platform, and maintains inventory in three warehouses in Brooklyn. Having weathered the pandemic with Accompany Capital’s help, he is now focusing on expanding and growing New Classic Dry Cleaning’s large customer base.