We are excited to announce that BCNA has a brand new name!

We are now Accompany Capital, a name we’ve chosen to better highlight the scope of our commitment to our clients. We not only provide clients with affordable capital to help start and grow their small businesses, we are here to accompany and support our clients every step of the way along their entrepreneurial journeys.

While our name has changed, our mission has not. We are still 100% focused on clients, on providing small and micro business owners in New York City with low-cost loans, access to business training and technical assistance, and one-on-one counseling in the 14 languages our staff members speak.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change your name to Accompany Capital?
We’ve grown over the years and Accompany Capital better reflects our commitment to provide not only access to affordable capital but also to support the journeys of immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs as they launch and grow new businesses — and establish their lives as New Yorkers.

When will your name change take effect?
We have already converted our website, our email accounts, our blog, our social media sites, and our logos to Accompany Capital. Our old URL will redirect you to our new website and the bcna.org email accounts will continue to redirect for the next few months.

We are a partner organization. Will this change the way we work together?
Our work with our partners will not be affected by the rebrand. You’ll see a new name and look-and-feel, but can continue to expect the same process and service from our team. Our new website will make it easier to understand the services we offer.

I’m a client. Does this affect my loan?
No, our name change will not affect existing loans. Your loan will continue to be serviced by our team. Please contact your loan officer if you have additional questions.

Does the new name affect billing and my payments?
Beginning in November 2020, you will see the Accompany Capital logo on your billing statements. However, you will continue to make ACH payments to CCDNA. No action is required from you.